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What poetry is to Shadow Poets.
"the hieroglyphs of the heart...
the only language i completely understand." - Erica Fay

"Poetry is to do with moments...." - Robin Marchesi

"Poetry to me is a complete release of my unhappiness,
joys, and my inner soul whispers." - Masenn Jonsin

"Poetry is the expression in language of all that is beautiful, 
painful, real, and imagined that makes life worth living." - Theresa King

"the written form of self...
[and even if i hate the words, i can't deny the letters]" - Jacklyn Bennet

"Poetry is the highest form of human expression." - Dave Charlon

"Poetry is the voice of the id's insanity - needed to keep the subconscious' 
demons from surfacing in other malignant forms." - Christine Ann Kelley

"Poetry is...

#1 The echo's of life
#2 The souls voice
#3 Emotional hieroglyphics" - B. R. Jording

"Poetry to me is an outlet. It is the only way I can express my inner most 
thoughts and feelings and still be able to feel good and smile." - Jody Kuperavage

"Poetry is the bleeding of a poets soul, a release of emotions." - Marie