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The Amazing Technicolor Goldfish - Poetry, short stories, essays, and much more, in genres ranging from fantasy to humor.

Carlos Barbarito - This site contains most of the poetic and essayistic work of Carlos Barbarito as well as texts on his poetry.

Brennie's Dreamscape - Brennie’s spiritual and love poetry, positive thoughts and affirmations, uplifting quotes, dream forum, wishing well, wisdom tidbits and more thought provoking things to inspire and uplift you.

charletha - poetry

Christopher English's Symbolist Paintings and Poetry Page - I show the symbolic images in my paintings as a complement to the imagery evoked in my poems. Ideas for the symbolism in my art derive from my poetry.

The Creaking of the Conscience - Progressive moral tales spiced with provocative images. Poems, that like life, will attempt to soothe without apologizing for harsh bite.

Dee Rimbaud Art & Writing - Poetry, prose, short stories, drawings, paintings, photomontages, pastels, news, interviews, publications, AA Independent Press Guide, The Book of Hopes and Dreams.

Endless Poetry - Thousands of random poems online for your viewing pleasure.

Eric M. Black - Poet and Author - Official website of Eric M. Black, poet and author from Paducah, Kentucky

Flowetry In Motion - These words seep out of the thin midnight and early morning cracks of time in my life. Every day these words release me. Hopefully they do something exciting for you as well. Shall we...?

Geoffrey Alexander - The Rambler Makes a Move - The Rambler Makes a Move is a collection of poems straight from the heart. The verses are told through the viewpoint of the "Rambler," a free spirit in the traditional vein. Through good times and bad, the Rambler describes personal experiences, dreams, hopes, and fears that strike a chord in all of us. His insights run the gamut from life and death, through hunger and starvation, to life's most precious moments. The Rambler mirrors the human spirit, highlighting our foibles from his unique perspective.

Goddess Speaks - is is my personal poetry site courtesy of ''. It is updated often with my works of dark, pagan, romantic, Goddess/Witchcraft based Poetry!! Please sign my guestbook if you don't mind!

Inside Reflections - Inside Reflections is a collection of poems full of warmth and inspirations,which all readers will simply love.michael sincerly reflects his own heartfelt expressions on many of today's life his own unique way he explores and takes you with him on a poetic journey.

Insomnia Times - Insomnia Times, hours of confusion, moments of amentia: by Arash Khosronejad - Keeping site of poetic justice.

The Land of Grimney - Land of Grimney is a world of fantasy stories and poetry. The website also allows others to share their work.

Legacy of Poetry - Poetry and photos by owner about life, love, spirituality, family, fantasy, nature and more. Come visit and enjoy!

Michael Abelardo de la Pena - I am a Latino writer who is working on my first collection of poems, short stories and essays.

Michael Peach’s site for lovers of the English sonnet - Poet presents his own works plus a selection from favorite classic poets including William Shakespeare, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, John Clare, and John Keats.

My Funeral Song - The official site for Michael J. Kirt, author of My Funeral Song.

My Poems - My poems I want to be seen and read, and told what people think of them, and a couple links.

Netivart - My poetry and my art including paintings and sculptures.

Official Site of Poet Bronmin Shumway - Site includes poems, recordings, pics and q&a section.

A Passion For Poetry, A collection on Love, Loss and Life - This Collection is filled with 35 insightful & provocative poems presented in a book-like format. These will touch your heart and soul, and move you into your own exploration, creativity and vision. Enjoy each of them and scroll with me down life''s journey.

Peter Nicholson - An introduction to the work of Australian poet and writer Peter Nicholson; includes a section for senior students - Student reference.

Pieces of my Heart - Poetry and lyrics exploring life, love, society and myself combined with lots of quotes and many beautiful graphics.

Poems - Poems of Dan Danila in romanian, english, german and french and translations from Villon and Rilke in romanian (Lonnie Hicks) - A Poetic Voyage--the poetry of Lonnie Hicks--over 50 poems, 75 pages. Poetry in many different styles; Love poems, Poetic Poems, Literary Poetry.

Poe Spirits & other poetry - New research into personal drinking preferences of EA Poe.

queenepeachie (blogspot) - These are some of my poems in progress. These poems are not finished. I've never finished a poem. I keep moving the words around.

R & B Poetry - Poems filled with thoughts of life, love, souls and connections by Rich Reith.

Rachel Rossos - her music and poetry - A site dedicated to the free verse poetry of Rachel Rossos.

Shadow Lounge Blog - The official blog of Poets Anonymous Ezboard Community. It features poetry, prose, literary challenges, publishers contests and link exchange.

Shades of Grace - A window into my head. I am a girl, a writer, a musician, a Christian, alone and somewhat crazy. Makes for interesting poems.

Shepherds and Shamans - Award-winning, evolving, beautiful and disturbing poetry by Ronald Oliver.

Silent Studios - Poetry, Music, Short Stories, that I have been writing since the 1960's. Also an awards programme.

Theresa's Poetry - Featuring "Memories" a poem by Theresa to her mother along with an archive of her poetry. This site also displays a beautiful watercolor painting provided by Yvonne.

Chris English's Symbolist Paintings ans Poetry Page.

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