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Absinthe: New European Writing - Absinthe: New European Writing is a new print journal devoted to featuring talented, young European writers and established writers who have not been widely translated into English. The journal includes poetry, prose, essays, interviews, and author photos and published biannually.

The Missouri Review - "The Missouri Review, founded in 1978, is one of the most highly-regarded literary magazines in the United States and for the past twenty-five years we've upheld a reputation for finding and publishing the very best writers first. We are based at the University of Missouri and come out three times a year. Each issue contains new fiction, poetry and essays."

The New Writer - bi-monthly magazine which publishes the best in fact, fiction and poetry, and runs the annual Prose & Poetry Prizes - packed full of market information, plus monthly email News included in subscription package. - 'No' is a new semiannual forum for poetry, criticism, and visual art.

Poets & Writers Magazine - "Poets & Writers Magazine is the primary source for what creative writers need to know. Along with essays on the literary life and interviews with contemporary writers of poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction, the magazine publishes articles with practical applications for both emerging and established writers. In addition, it provides the most comprehensive listing of literary grants and awards, deadlines, and prizewinners available in print."

Puffin Circus - Puffin Circus is a bi-annual literary and arts magazine that is a little bit different. Within our pages you will find fantasy with the realistic and the humorous with the reflective. Why Puffin Circus? First, Well, we just like Puffins. Second, like the circus you'll see the strange, the funny, and the awe inspiring; you might even see something scary or sad. But guess what? You'll never be bored. We like the bearded lady just as much as the beauties on the flying trapeze, and we love the clowns just as much as the fire breather. And a flock of crazy looking birds always gets our attention. So, what are you?

SpokenVizions - SpokenVizions is the magazine for the creative soul. SpokenVizions is a hard copy magazine that highlights the accomplishments and works of spoken word poets through out the country. It is rapidly growing and is the first of it's kind.

The Writer. An essential resource for writers - A great resourceful place for all poets/writers. The forum has lots of interesting reads. Browse around or join in the fun! over 1600 Members, or Subscribe to The Writer. A very informatable Magazine indeed. Everyone Welcome!

Writers Digest - "Writer's Digest is the world's leading magazine for writers, founded in 1920. Writer's Market, the bible for writers seeking to publish their work, was first published in 1921. Together, they form the foundation of a wide range of informational, instructional and inspirational offerings for writers. Today those offerings include a variety of books, magazines, special interest publications, educational courses, conferences, Web sites and more."

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