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Traditional Poetry Forms:

  bullet   Acrostic
  bullet   Ballad
  bullet   Cinquain
  bullet   Clerihew
  bullet   Diamante
  bullet   Didactic
  bullet   Epic
  bullet   Epigram
  bullet   Epitaph
  bullet   Etheree
  bullet   Fable
  bullet   Free Verse
  bullet   Ghazal
  bullet   Haiku
  bullet   Katauta
  bullet   Kyrielle
  bullet   Kyrielle Sonnet
  bullet   Lanturne
  bullet   Limerick
  bullet   Minute Poetry
  bullet   Monody
  bullet   Monorhyme
  bullet   Naani
  bullet   Nonet
  bullet   Ode
  bullet   Ottava Rima
  bullet   Palindrome
  bullet   Pantoum
  bullet   Quatern
  bullet   Quatrain
  bullet   Quinzaine
  bullet   Rispetto
  bullet   Rondeau
  bullet   Rondel
  bullet   Rondelet
  bullet   Sedoka
  bullet   Senryu
  bullet   Septolet
  bullet   Sestina
  bullet   Shape Poetry
  bullet   Song
  bullet   Sonnet
  bullet   Tanka
  bullet   Terza Rima
  bullet   Terzanelle
  bullet   Tetractys
  bullet   Tongue Twister
  bullet   Triolet
  bullet   Tyburn
  bullet   Villanelle

Tongue Twister Poetry

A Tongue Twister poem is made up of lines/verses that are hard to say when read aloud by using similar consonant sounds in succession (use of alliteration). In other words, the poem ties your tongue into knots. This form does not require end or internal rhyme.

Example #1:

vile vintage vino
via violent varicose veins
vagrant vapors vacate
vast vascular vessels
vanity vamoose
while visions of
voluptuous vixens
vibrating vigorously
virtually vaporize
into a vast vapid vat
of venomous venules

Copyright  2001 Lorraine Nisbet

Example #2:
Six Pink Minks And Finks

six pink minks think finks stink
six finks think pink minks stink
six minks in creeks with finks stink
if six pink minks pick stinking ink  finks

if six pink minks had six sticks
with six pink ink finks in six creeks
then six minks and six finks
would have sixty six pink minks and six ink finks

then sixty six pink minks 
and sixty six ink finks 
would make six ink finks stink
cause six pink minks make finks stink

Copyright  2001 Sean R. Ellis

Example #3:

psilanthropists sucking psilocybin
shrooms suddenly shriek,
"Say, see celestial sentients
surrounding simple psychedelic

Marijuana moochers munching moonpies
on morning meadowns meandered,
meeting mystical mountain madmen.

Tripping, twisting, tasting, turning,
tokers tapping tambourines,
shroomers singing songs
sigh subconsciously.

Wailing, whistling, whacked, and wired,
weird wanderers weep, "whoopie!"

and another aimless astral
avatar awakens,

Copyright  2001 Christine Ann Kelley

Example #4:

Mystic moonlight, moments meet... 
Softly, somewhere songbirds sweet... 
Simple, soothing, soulful sounds... 
Mem'ries murmer, mossy mound... 
Wander wistful, winding ways 
Linger, loving, lilacs lay... 
Lazy langour, listless leaves... 
Weeping willow, wonder weaves... 
Pausing, picture, pristine plain... 
Ruling romance, restive reign... 
Rising rapture, rustic ride... 
Perfect pleasure, peace presides... 

Copyright  2001 Natalie J. Case

Example #5:

Caterpillar catnapping, caught in cocoon
Silently sleeping, seeking sunlit sky
Awake, aware, and awing at atmosphere
Last leaving his lodging, little larva leaps
Spreading his sprouting wings, sailing so skillfully
Wandering with wonder of the whirling world
Lost amid light lilies, he lies
Illuminated in indigo, imagination stirs
Dreams of dancing delightfully in daffodils
Moon moves beneath massive mountains
Sun slides into celestial ceiling
Beautiful butterfly so bubbly and bouncing 
Colorful and cleverly casting his charm 

Copyright  2001 Julie Wright

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Introduction   |   What Is Poetry?   |   Poetry Quotes   |   Traditional Poetry Forms   |   Invented Poetry Forms
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