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Invented Poetry Forms:

  bullet   The 7/5 Trochee
  bullet   A L'Arora
  bullet   Alliterisen
  bullet   The Alouette
  bullet   The Blitz Poem
  bullet   The Brevette
  bullet   Cascade
  bullet   Christ-in-a-Rhyme
  bullet   CinqTroisDecaLa
  bullet   Clarity Pyramid
  bullet   Constanza
  bullet   Con-Verse
  bullet   The Compound Word Verse
  bullet   Decuain
  bullet   Diatelle
  bullet   Duo-rhyme
  bullet   Epulaeryu
  bullet   Essence
  bullet   The Florette
  bullet   The Florette #2
  bullet   Grá Reformata
  bullet   Jeffreys Sonnet
  bullet   Joseph's Star
  bullet   Harrisham Rhyme
  bullet   HexSonnetta
  bullet   Inverted Refrain
  bullet   LaCharta
  bullet   LaJemme
  bullet   La'libertas
  bullet   Lannet
  bullet   La'ritmo
  bullet   LaíTuin
  bullet   Lauranelle
  bullet   Lento
  bullet   Licentia Rhyme Form
  bullet   Line Messaging
  bullet   Loop Poetry
  bullet   Mini-monoverse
  bullet   Memento
  bullet   The Mirror Sestet
  bullet   Mirrored Refrain
  bullet   Monchielle
  bullet   Monotetra
  bullet   Musette
  bullet   Nove Otto
  bullet   Octameter
  bullet   Octain Refrain
  bullet   Octelle
  bullet   Oddquain
  bullet   Paradelle
  bullet   Parallelogram de Crystalline
  bullet   The Pictorial
  bullet   Pleiades
  bullet   Puente
  bullet   Quadrilew
  bullet   RemyLa Rhyme Form
  bullet   Rictameter
  bullet   Shadow Sonnet
  bullet   Spiritís Vessel
  bullet   Staccato
  bullet   Swap Quatrain
  bullet   Synchronicity
  bullet   The Tableau
  bullet   Tri-fall
  bullet   Trijan Refrain
  bullet   Trilonnet
  bullet   Trinet
  bullet   Triquain
  bullet   Triquatrain
  bullet   Triquint
  bullet   Trois-par-Huit
  bullet   Trolaan
  bullet   Vers Beaucoup
  bullet   Villonnet
  bullet   Wrapped Refrain
  bullet   Wrapped Refrain #2
  bullet   ZaniLa Rhyme


The Alliterisen (Complex and Rhyming), a form created by Udit Bhatia, is a simple seven-lined poem with a specific syllable pattern and two alliterations per line. For example: Glorious Graves, and wonderful waves. Alliteration is the succession of similar consonant sounds. They are not recognized by spelling, but rather by sounds. The syllable structure for the Complex Alliterisen is as follows:

1st line- x syllables
2nd line- x+2 syllables
3rd line- x-1 syllables
4th line- (x+2)-1 syllables
5th line- x-2 syllables
6th line- (x+2)-2 syllables
7th line- x syllables

which allows for infinite syllable sequences. Listed below are examples of some easy syllable sequences.

Sequence #1:

1st line- 8 syllables
2nd line- 10 syllables
3rd line- 7 syllables
4th line- 9 syllables
5th line- 6 syllables
6th line- 8 syllables
7th line- 8 syllables (same as first)

Sequence #2:

1st line- 9 syllables
2nd line- 11 syllables
3rd line- 8 syllables
4th line- 10 syllables
5th line- 7 syllables
6th line- 9 syllables
7th line- 9 syllables (same as first)

Sequence #3:

1st line- 10 syllables
2nd line- 12 syllables
3rd line- 9 syllables
4th line- 11 syllables
5th line- 8 syllables
6th line- 10 syllables
7th line- 10 syllables (same as first)

Sequence #4:

1st line- 11 syllables
2nd line- 13 syllables
3rd line- 10 syllables
4th line- 12 syllables
5th line- 9 syllables
6th line- 11 syllables
7th line- 11 syllables (same as first)

Sequence #5:

1st line- 12 syllables
2nd line- 14 syllables
3rd line- 11 syllables
4th line- 13 syllables
5th line- 10 syllables
6th line- 12 syllables
7th line- 12 syllables (same as first)

Sequence #6:

1st line- 13 syllables
2nd line- 15 syllables
3rd line- 12 syllables
4th line- 14 syllables
5th line- 11 syllables
6th line- 13 syllables
7th line- 13 syllables (same as first)

Example #1:
Fleeting Fantasies

Fragile fantasies, and rushing realities,
Crushing, cruising, creativity's kingdom.
Beyond boundaries of the tiring truth,
I seek solace in the fleeting fantasies.
Truth's trail hurts, but not Fake fantasy,
In Imagination's world where I live.
Must I sacrifice fiction for torrid truth? 

Copyright © Udit Bhatia

Example #2:
Time's Travelers (Double Alliterisen)

Wonderful waves and glorious graves, 
Liberal learning and barbaric burning. 
Futile friends and edited ends, 
Mighty mountains and fantastic fountains. 
Soundless screams and dying dreams, 
Revolting rivers and good givers,
Have all existed since time was born.

Safe senses and deadly defences,
Hidden horrors, and exhausted explorers.
Creative cries, and endless eyes,
Scorching summers and decaying drummers.
Soft signs and lamenting lines,
Pretending priests and bothering beasts,
Will always live till the end of time. 

Copyright © Udit Bhatia

The Rhyming Alliterisen consists of 7 lines, with 7 syllables each, and has one alliteration in every line. The rhyme scheme as follows: aabbccd.

Men Who Lived

Swift and subtle, fleeting life,
Caught between this solemn strife.
When we live, we have to die,
Laughing in life, we must cry.
Time tells tales of all great men
Who live life, and live again.
To them death is a new life.

Copyright © Udit Bhatia

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