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Invented Poetry Forms:

  bullet   The 7/5 Trochee
  bullet   A L'Arora
  bullet   Alliterisen
  bullet   The Alouette
  bullet   The Blitz Poem
  bullet   The Brevette
  bullet   Cascade
  bullet   Christ-in-a-Rhyme
  bullet   CinqTroisDecaLa
  bullet   Clarity Pyramid
  bullet   Constanza
  bullet   Con-Verse
  bullet   The Compound Word Verse
  bullet   Decuain
  bullet   Diatelle
  bullet   Duo-rhyme
  bullet   Epulaeryu
  bullet   Essence
  bullet   The Florette
  bullet   The Florette #2
  bullet   Grá Reformata
  bullet   Jeffreys Sonnet
  bullet   Joseph's Star
  bullet   Harrisham Rhyme
  bullet   HexSonnetta
  bullet   Inverted Refrain
  bullet   LaCharta
  bullet   LaJemme
  bullet   La'libertas
  bullet   Lannet
  bullet   La'ritmo
  bullet   La’Tuin
  bullet   Lauranelle
  bullet   Lento
  bullet   Licentia Rhyme Form
  bullet   Line Messaging
  bullet   Loop Poetry
  bullet   Mini-monoverse
  bullet   Memento
  bullet   The Mirror Sestet
  bullet   Mirrored Refrain
  bullet   Monchielle
  bullet   Monotetra
  bullet   Musette
  bullet   Nove Otto
  bullet   Octameter
  bullet   Octain Refrain
  bullet   Octelle
  bullet   Oddquain
  bullet   Paradelle
  bullet   Parallelogram de Crystalline
  bullet   The Pictorial
  bullet   Pleiades
  bullet   Puente
  bullet   Quadrilew
  bullet   RemyLa Rhyme Form
  bullet   Rictameter
  bullet   Shadow Sonnet
  bullet   Spirit’s Vessel
  bullet   Staccato
  bullet   Swap Quatrain
  bullet   Synchronicity
  bullet   The Tableau
  bullet   Tri-fall
  bullet   Trijan Refrain
  bullet   Trilonnet
  bullet   Trinet
  bullet   Triquain
  bullet   Triquatrain
  bullet   Triquint
  bullet   Trois-par-Huit
  bullet   Trolaan
  bullet   Vers Beaucoup
  bullet   Villonnet
  bullet   Wrapped Refrain
  bullet   Wrapped Refrain #2
  bullet   ZaniLa Rhyme


The Decuain (pronounced deck•won), created by Shelley A. Cephas, is a short poem made up of 10 lines, which can be written on any subject. There are 10 syllables per line and the poem is written in iambic pentameter.

There are 3 set choices of rhyme scheme:

ababbcbcaa, ababbcbcbb, or ababbcbccc

For a longer Decuain poem, add more stanzas for a double, triple, quatruple, etc. Decuain.

Example #1:
Dear Heart…

Our dearest Susan has a tender heart,
a mother who’s devoted to her son,
her love and wisdom to him she’ll impart,
so when they are together they have fun;
I know their love shall never come undone.
She’s special to her friends and family,
a gift from God, who’s loved by everyone
for truly she is blessed with dignity,
in this I’m sure that we would all agree
because I know she has been good to me.

Copyright © 2008 Shelley A. Cephas

Example #2:
Ode to Sméagol

He walked the world in darkness and despair,
lost in his madness due to utmost greed.
The power of the ring he would not share
as wickedness had plagued his mind indeed.
For in his heart now grew an evil seed,
forgotten was the wee folk he had been
and from dark magic he would not be freed,
he fell into its shadow from within.
It took his life, which was beyond repair,
while Sméagol was forever in its care.

Copyright © 2008 Shelley A. Cephas

Example #3:
Her Dark Road

Within those eyes are seen a mystery
as many hands about her wish to part
her from the secrets never meant to be,
before deceit is planted in her heart;
and darkness fills her soul n’ere to depart,
while shadows gather round her day and night
to draw her from the light that will impart
serenity in life that brings delight.
So she’s a pawn now caught up in black art,
a path to walk, forever set apart.

Copyright © 2008 Shelley A. Cephas
Introduction   |   What Is Poetry?   |   Poetry Quotes   |   Traditional Poetry Forms   |   Invented Poetry Forms
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